The Soup Kettle – A Compendium of Studies and Articles

Abstracts of Relevant Scientific Studies

“…The problem is that there is never going to be a perfect study. Questions always remain unanswered no matter how many references you cite. And there are so many opposing theories that it would be virtually impossible to counter every one of them. I realize that I would never come to my own conclusions about accelerated metabolic aging if I had focused on studies rather than true science….. ”
-Diana Schwarzbein, 1999

Not all studies are equal in significance. The value of any study depends on many factorsits design, its duration, the number of subjects, variables not considered, methods and conclusions. Some peer-reviewed studies have turned out to be just plain wrong. Interpretations have been skewed for economic, academic or political reasons.

It takes knowledge and experience to make the best analyses of studies. On the other hand, we cannot be intimidated by “expertism.” Asthmatics can read studies and learn. Half the battle in evolving science is in asking the right questions. Reading studies or more comprehensible articles about them improves our own critical facilities of self observation.

Many entries in the Soup Kettle are not abstracts but news articles about studies. In time we hope to seek out and access all as studies, but articles and commentaries are also of value. Practical Asthma welcomes further analysis. Meanwhile, bring us a few of your favorite studies or commentaries.

Welcome to the Soup Kettle! Dive in and have a look.

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