Soup Kettle Topics: Miscellany

Title: A New Model for the Origins of Chronic Disease Author: Barker, D. J.; 2001) Journal: Med Health Care Philos; V. 4; Issue: 1; Pages: 31-5 Abstract: Living things are often plastic during their early development and are moulded by the environment. Many human fetuses have to adapt to a limited supply of nutrients, and …

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Soup Kettle Topics: Immunotherapy

Title: Immunotherapy in Asthma: An Updated Systematic Review M. Abramson, R. Puy, J. Weiner First published: 09 October 2008 A/Prof. M. Abramson, Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash Medical School, Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Vic 3181, Australia Background Allergen-specific immunotherapy (“hyposensitization” or “desensitization”) has long been a controversial treatment for asthma. Although beneficial effects upon …

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Soup Kettle Topics: Gut Probotics

Title: Microflora-Associated Characteristics in Faeces from Allergic and Nonallergic Infants Author: Bottcher, M. F.; Nordin, E. K.; Sandin, A.; Midtvedt, T.; Bjorksten, B.; (Date: Nov, 2000) Journal: Clin Exp Allergy; V. 30; Issue: 11; Pages: 1590-6 Abstract: BACKGROUND: The prevalence of allergic diseases has increased particularly over the past 30-40 years. A reduced microbial stimulation …

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