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Practical Asthma Review presents opinion, analysis, and an index of studies relating lifestyle factors to allergic disease. We propose practical, science-based strategies for preventing and controlling asthma and allergic disease as part of a basic therapeutic model.

Incidence, severity, and mortality continue to increase in allergic disease. Incidence has doubled in the past 20 years. Modern medicine has no answer beyond symptom-easing drugs and the avoidance of triggering factors. Asthma drugs can save lives but authorities admit that they do not address the root causes of the disease. (For more complete information on standard medical protocols for allergic disease see

In asthma and allergic disease, the modification of living patterns offers the greatest potential benefits relative to costs and risks. A large body of peer-reviewed evidence already exists concerning eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing, physical conditioning, emotional attitudes and other mundane factors. The problem is interpretation.

Single therapies or simple directives—such as "take magnesium for asthma"—are usually incomplete. Diet, for example, is not just about what we eat but how we eat, how much we eat, when we eat and why. Dietary considerations should also include nutrient assimilation, intestinal microflora, metabolic rate and ill-effects from specific foods. A comprehensive evaluation of data is needed.

Alternative healing methods from acupuncture to yoga may be helpful, but they are not the focus of this website. Practical Asthma Review strives to be factual and well-referenced, but nothing found herein should be taken as authoritative medical advice.

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Practical Asthma Review strives to be factual, truthful, and referenced, but nothing anywhere is 100% guaranteed. Nothing found herein should be taken as authoritative medical advice.